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Undergraduate Course


    Our department offers a four year bachelor degree program in Biotechnology and Laboratory Science and the optional certificate courses in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology programs, and master and doctoral degree programs in Biotechnology in Medicine. Applicants may download the application materials here ( or write to Admissions Office



* Overseas Chinese applicants should contact your local  representative offices for more information. More information, click here (


Undergraduate Program


We aim at cultivating medical technologies and R&D elites in the area of biotechnology and bioinformatics. Based on molecular biology theory, we equip students with the knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of infectious disorders, immunological disorders, cancers, and cardiovascular diseases.  The students also receive extensive training on clinical diagnosis theories and skills, including DNA probes, genetic modification, monoclonal antibodies, enzyme immunoassays, biosensors, biochips, flow cytometry and genomic medicine.  Problem-based learning courses are offered to promote independent thinking and problem solving capabilities.


Students have a number of options to enrich their academic experience.  Those who are interested in research have the opportunity to work with the faculties in our department or other faculties in our campus.  They can also join the biotechnology program, clinical laboratory science and information program, environmental medicine program, or inter-school biotechnology management program. Students are obligate to receive clinical training at the Veterans General Hospital Taipei,  MacKay   Memorial   Hospital , and  Shin   Kong   Hospital  that are equipped with the state-or-art laboratory equipment.