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About Us

Since it was founded in 1979, the Department of Biotechnology and Laboratory Science in Medicine has been providing an excellent undergraduate program in training clinical laboratory technologists and research scientists. Our curriculum emphasizes on the teaching of both conventional and modern molecular clinical diagnostic technologies as well as leading edge sciences including molecular biology, biotechnology, and bioinformatics. A total of twelve full-time faculties are working closely with our students in a tutoring program throughout their academic years to ensure a balanced academic and personal development.  Basic and clinical courses are supported by faculties in our department and the college of life sciences and clinicians from the  Taipei   Veterans   General   Hospital . In addition to furthering their studies overseas, many graduates are now working at various research institutes, biotechnology businesses and major hospitals across the country, and our achievements in research and services have earned us high social recognition.



In 1995 we established ’s first Master’s program in medical biotechnology and then a Doctoral program in 2001. Our graduate program provides a wide variety of research options.  When selecting a thesis research laboratory, student may choose from 12 full-time and 5 off campus affiliated faculties including one each from the Academia Sinica and National Health Research Institutes and 3 from the nearby  Taipei   Veterans General   Hospital . The institute provides research equipments in it core facility room and the graduate students can gain also supports and resources from the  Instrument   Resource   Center ,  Experimental   Animal   Center , and  Genomic   Research   Center . In addition, Yang-Ming also has well-equipped computer center, Audio-Vedio center, and indoor gym for learning and recreation.